11 Nov


Show anything that works




Demodag is originally an occasional Demo show in Copenhagen.

We have now decided to do it in Malmö, since it's a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to show their products and get feedback.

We will begin with mingle and demo preparations at 17.30 - Presentations (Demos) starts at 18.00

Demos are:

- 7 minutes of anything that works. Your product, your open source project, your hack from last night.

- Anything goes, as long as you actually built it

- No slideshows, just show us your thing.

- It’s often software – but it doesn’t have to be! We like wood, plastic, electronics, software. As long as you made it

It is always free to attend and it is always free to demo. We usually havea beer after. We usually film all the demos. You watch the ones from Copenhagen here:

You can also watch videos from previous presentations from DemoDag Malmö in Foo Café's YouTube channel.

Demodag was started by, and is MCed by, Claus Dahl in Copenhagen and Björn Söderqvist in Malmö.

Tags entrepreneurship geek innovation

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