Malmö, Sweden



Internet and Security, an evening with Anne-Marie Löwinder

17:30 Tuesday, Apr 25

security, dns, dnssec, iot


Geek Girl mini

Spaces will be filled

17:30 Tuesday, Apr 25

creativity, art, design, social media


CoderDojo Malmö

Kom och lär dig koda

17:30 Wednesday, Apr 26

coderdojo, geek, learning, programming, youth


After Work Seminar

Is Serverless backend the new black?

17:30 Wednesday, Apr 26

serverless, architecture, aws, lambda, dynamodb

Ds presentation3

After Work Seminar

Breaking down the monolith

17:30 Thursday, Apr 27

legacy system, architecture, microservices, service domain

Startupdojo logo

Startup Dojo

by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

17:30 Thursday, Apr 27

business, entrepreneur, innovation, lean, startup


Smash the Stack

Basics of Web Exploitation

18:00 Thursday, Apr 27

linux, vmware, kali


Toastmasters Malmö

Want to be a better Speaker?

18:00 Tuesday, May 02

communicating, leadership, people, presenting, speaking


itSMF konferens

Utveckla IT och organisationen

07:30 Thursday, May 04

IT management, service management, leadership


Öresund Toastmasters

Advanced Speakers Club

09:00 Saturday, May 06

communicating, leadership, people, presenting, speaking


A day with ØSCG

Code Retreat

09:30 Saturday, May 06

software development, architecture, craftsmanship



Nodebots Obstacle Course

10:00 Saturday, May 06

nodejs, nodebots, bot, hackathon


Teal for Teal

Teal-labs: Open space om teal, organisering, ledarskap

17:30 Tuesday, May 09

teal, self organising, team, management

Ds presentation3

After Work Seminar

From Desktop to Responsive design

17:30 Wednesday, May 10

responsive, design, transformation, architecture

Ds seminar2

After Work Seminar

En effektivare utvecklingsprocess

17:30 Thursday, May 11

methodology, process, model based definition


After Work Seminar

Cobol – finns det fortfarande?

17:30 Monday, May 15

cobol, software development, mainframe


Lean Tribe Gathering #44

Snabb feedback och prototyping

13:00 Tuesday, May 16

lean, management, people

Ds presentation3

After Work Seminar

Make your testers flourish

17:30 Thursday, May 18

test, coaching, agile


After Work Seminar

Five ways towards better code

17:30 Monday, May 22

software development, architecture, agile, tdd, ddd


After Work Seminar

Using Redux, React and Immutable to solve customer problems

17:30 Tuesday, May 23

web development, redux, react

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