Malmö, Sweden

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Startup Dojo

by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

17:30 Wednesday, May 24

business, entrepreneur, innovation, lean, startup


CoderDojo Malmö

Kom och lär dig koda

17:30 Wednesday, May 24

coderdojo, geek, learning, programming, youth


Øresund startups

Top 50 Startups in the region

08:30 Monday, May 29

entrepreneurship, startup, investments


The Digital UI

The Brain and the Interface

17:30 Monday, May 29

ui, design, interface, ux


Toastmasters Malmö

Want to be a better Speaker?

18:00 Monday, May 29

communicating, leadership, people, presenting, speaking

Ds seminar1

After Work Seminar

Turing's Toy

17:30 Tuesday, May 30

turing, math, history


Critical Tech Meetup

Patents for programmers and engineers - A legal perspective

17:45 Wednesday, May 31

Ds seminar2

After Work Seminar

Being a woman in the tech industry

17:30 Thursday, Jun 01

equality, women in tech, software development


Öresund Toastmasters

Advanced Speakers Club

09:00 Saturday, Jun 03

communicating, leadership, people, presenting, speaking


The Digital UI

Applevaka - Livestream of WWDC17

18:30 Monday, Jun 05

ios, mobile development, watch, app


Elm Malmö

Elm Malmö - third meet-up

17:30 Wednesday, Jun 07

elm, web development, css


MalmöJS meet-up

Setting up a JavaScript NEXT Front-End environment

17:30 Thursday, Jun 08

web development, javascript


Critical Tech Meetup

What will the GDPR mean for ML applications?

17:45 Monday, Jun 12


CocoaHeads Malmö

WWDC recap + Watch Connectivity - talk to your watch

17:30 Wednesday, Jun 14

ios, mobile development, watch, app


ML/AI Workshop

The neuron

17:30 Friday, Jun 16

Machine Learning, AI

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