Malmö, Sweden

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CoderDojo Malmö

Kom och lär dig koda

17:30 Monday, Jan 22

programming, geek, coderdojo, learning, youth


Toastmasters Malmö

Want to be a better Speaker?

18:00 Monday, Jan 22

leadership, people, communicating, presenting, speaking



Balanced security in Industrial Control Systems

17:30 Wednesday, Jan 24


Ds seminar1

After Work Seminar

Continuous Delivery Pipeline in Google Cloud with Kubernetes and Jenkins

17:30 Wednesday, Jan 24

cloud, automate, deployment


CoderDojo Malmö

Kom och lär dig koda

17:30 Wednesday, Jan 24

programming, geek, coderdojo, learning, youth

Startupdojo logo

Startup Dojo

by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

17:30 Thursday, Jan 25

business, lean, innovation, startup, entrepreneurship



Leadership and Public speaking training

9.30 Saturday, Jan 27

training, leadership. public speaking

Hyf malmoe225

Hack Your Future

Hack Your Future Class

11.00 Sunday, Jan 28

html, javascript, css, full stack developer, newcomer

Ds presentation3

After Work Seminar

Avoiding problems with CSS at scale: A look at CSS in JS

17:30 Thursday, Feb 01

javascript, web development, css


After Work Seminar

Elasticsearch best practises for performance and scale

17:30 Tuesday, Feb 06

architectur, elasticsearch


SOLID Soft Skills

The Soft Side of Global Agility in a VUCA* World

17:30 Thursday, Feb 08

Agile, Global Agile, VUCA leadership, intercultural


Tech talk with Arie van Bennekum

How to succeed in Remote Asynchronous Working

18:00 Wednesday, Feb 14

Agile, distributed teamwork

Ds seminar2

After Work Seminar

Outsmarting smart contracts

17:30 Thursday, Feb 15

security, blockchain, contracts


Cocoaheads Malmö

Reach more users with your app

17:30 Tuesday, Feb 20

iOS, internationalisation, Accessibility, Localization

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